Seven ways to make your bed more comfortable and sleep better

by Hotel Luxury Collection | May 26, 2021
Seven ways to make your bed more comfortable and sleep better

Your bed and the bedding that accompanies it should never be perceived as simply a piece of furniture and manchester. Your bed is one of your most valuable assets. Make it as luxurious and comfortable as possible to ensure better sleep and enjoy a lifetime of productive days thanks to a better night's rest. From luxury hotel mattress toppers to enforcing a digital detox zone in your bedroom, here are seven ways to make your bed more comfortable and sleep better. 

1. Add a luxury hotel mattress topper

Boost your bed with a decadent hotel mattress topper to simply and quickly add an additional layer of comfort. An often-overlooked bedding essential; luxury mattress toppers add up to 10cm of plush feather and down on top of your existing mattress. Our range of cassette-constructed toppers is enjoyed by guests at many five star hotels, including: the Grand Hyatt, Melbourne; Sofitel hotels; Langham hotels; the Shangri-La, Sydney; and the Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok

Australian style and media icon Maggie Tabberer is a firm fan of our 'Presidential Suite' double layer down and feather mattress topper:

"When I was young I could sleep on a bed of nails and still get a good night's rest. ...But when you get older (no, I’m not going to tell you how old!), well you need something more. As the aches and pains of maturity take hold you need true comfort. Hotel Luxury Collection, whose bed linen I adore, have the best comforter! ...It's called a 'Presidential Suite' mattress topper… sheer bliss! Do yourself a favour and check it out!"    

2. Maintain your sleep zone

There's a certain 'je ne sais quoi'  to climbing into a freshly made bed at the end of a long day. Switch your sheets and pillowcases for a freshly laundered set at least once a week to keep your bed hygienic, and always follow the care instruction labels attached to your bed linen. And be sure to make your bed every single day to keep your bedroom looking stylish and inviting and to set a positive tone for a productive day ahead. 

3. Choose the perfect hotel pillows

100% duck feather pillows are well suited to those who prefer a firmer pillow, while sumptuous goose down pillows are ideal for those who enjoy a softer pillow. We recommend duck feather pillows for a medium-larger framed person who sleeps on their side and softer goose down pillows for either back or tummy sleepers, or people with a small to medium frame. And for those with sensitive allergies, our hypoallergenic faux-down microfibre pillows, as enjoyed by guests at Crown hotels, are ideal. Personal taste ultimately has the last word though. Our range of luxury hotel pillows includes Park Hyatt pillows, Hilton pillows, Intercontinental pillows and more! 

4. Make your bedroom a digital detox zone

Sleep experts have concluded that you're more likely to get a better night's rest if your bedroom contains only a limited amount of electrical devices, especially those that still emit some light or sound when switched off, such as televisions, computers and mobile phones. Opt for softly shaded bedside lamps that are easy on the eye and won't disrupt your circadian rhythms nearing bedtime.  

5. Choose your thread count wisely

When it comes to bed linen, higher thread often results in smoother and softer fabrics. However, for those who like their bed linen ‘crisp', we recommend a slightly lower thread count - 275 or 400; and for those who enjoy a softer and silkier feel, we suggest either a 600 or 800 thread count.

6. Find the right duvet: assess weight and warmth factor

Depending on where you live, summer may be scorching and winter may be glacial. It's important to have a temperature-appropriate duvet (or lack thereof) suited to the season, which will ensure you're neither too hot nor too cold in bed. Mulberry silk-filled duvets are ideal for hot sleepers in the warmer months. And if you live somewhere with exceptionally hot summers, it may be best to eschew a duvet altogether in favour of a chic and cool lightweight quilt. When it comes to cold climates, our winter 'Presidential Suite' goose down duvets offer extra warmth, without the extra weight - light as a feather, but warm as toast!

7. Don't forget the final touch

Indulge in a pre-bedtime ritual 30-60 minutes before bedtime to allow your body to begin to wind down - anything calming and preferably nothing involving a digital device. Take a long luxurious bath or shower, or relax in bed with a good book (hot tip: an upholstered bedhead beats a wooden bed frame for this activity every time).


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