What is the size of the hotel Queen pillow and the hotel King Pillow?
Our hotel Queen size pillow is 80cmsx50cms and our King size hotel pillows are 90cmsx50cms. Normal retail pillows are approximately 40cms x 70cms. Our Hotel Luxury Collection ‘Five-star hotel' pillows are filled to a much higher fill count than generally available.

Should I buy the 100% feather filled pillows or the white goose down pillows?
This really comes down to personal taste. Some people prefer a firmer pillow and opt for the 100% duck feather filled, whilst those who enjoy the soft luxury of the sumptuous goose down. Many clients order both the feather pillow and the down pillow because couples are often divided in their requirements. We recommend the 100% duck feather pillow for a medium-larger framed person who sleeps on their side and the luxuriously soft goose down pillow for either back/tummy sleepers or people with a small to medium frame.

What is the difference between the Hotel Luxury Collection Mattress topper and retail pillow top mattresses?
Unlike a retail pillow-top mattress, our ‘Five-star hotel' Mattress Toppers are filled with feather and down and are fitted with corners straps, allowing the topper to be removed and aired. This also allows the entire mattress to be turned regularly. The proportion of feathers to down is critical to the comfort level of the topper. Too much down will make the topper collapse and provide no support. The best combination is 90% feather and 10% down. The topper should regularly be shaken and fluffed as done by the maids daily in a '5 Star Hotel'. Our toppers, measure  between 6cms and 10cms in depth and our hotel Mattress Toppers are also designed with ‘baffling', ensuring the feather and down contents do not bunch. They are also filled to a much higher ‘fill count' than regular toppers... it's like sleeping on a cloud. For those who have experienced mattress toppers in '6 Star' Asian hotels, the double layered  'Presidential' Mattress Topper is the top of our range and has the bottom layer filled with feathers and the top layer filled with down.

What things do I look out for when buying Mattress Toppers?  The best mattress toppers are ‘cassette constructed' and encased in a high thread count, 100% cotton casing providing year round luxury and durability.

Can I use an electric blanket with a mattress topper?  It is recommended to place electric blanket under the topper so that the warmth is radiated up from below the topper, which should increase the toppers loft and warmth.
The addition of an electric blanket under the topper may make the sleeping environment quite warm, therefore we would recommend that the electric blanket is turned on for a time before you get into bed which will warm up the topper as well as the duvet/blanket, which is on top the bed. Turn the electric blanket off when in bed to prevent the body overheating.
What is cassette construction?  Top quality Featherand Down Mattress Toppers are ‘cassette' constructed.This ‘baffling' or ‘cassette' process refers to sewing construction of the topper in a grid pattern, which stops the feather and down from shifting and prevents empty patches and clustering.

What is hypo allergenic?  Our Hotel Mattress Toppers, have gone through a series of treatments to remove all the impurities, and therefore will be identified as hypoallergenic or allergy free. Most people are not allergic to feathers, but rather to the impurities within the feather. Be aware that not all feather mattress toppers are hypoallergenic. Also, be wary of cheaper ‘feather toppers' as sometimes they contain second hand or broken ‘chopped' feathers which results in a limited life-span. Our ‘Hotel Mattress Toppers' have been made to the highest quality ‘5 and 6 Star Hotel' standard
Why 100% cotton casing?  The pure cotton casing will allow the topper to breathe, ensuring the insulation and fluffiness of the topper.

How do I care for my feather products? Here are the manufacturers cleaning instructions; We reccomend that you air your Feather and Down product on a regular basis. Do NOT place them in direct sunlight.  All products are fully machine washable, we recommend Commercial Washing machines as most household machines are too small to wash and spin large bedding. We recommend following the washing instructions on the labels of products which will state that the preferred washing option is to wash in cool or warm water using a soft detergent such as a wool detergent. If possible use a front loading machine for the obvious benefits of not tearing the quilts or pillows apart with the agitating motion of a top fill machine.
Proper rinsing is a key to ensuring the feather and down relofts properly. All products must be dried thoroughly in a dryer. It is recommended to use the dryer on a warm not hot setting to avoid scorching the casing. A Single quilt should be dried for up to two hours and a queen for four hours taking them out after every hour to shake them before putting them back. This will break up any clumping of Feather/Down inside the quilt. Alternatively some people add a tennis ball to the mix in the dryer to achieve this end whilst tumbling. All Feather Down products can be dry-cleaned safely but it is NOT recommended. If a Duvet or pillow has a small spot it is recommended that you use a soft soap and warm water to spot clean the product. Do NOT bleach Regular airing and lofting, where possible, will provide the best possible care for the products.
What are the measurements of Australian beds and mattresses? Here is a reference list for Australian beds and mattresses;
Single Bed Size  92 cm x 187 cm
Single Extra Long Size  92 cm x 203 cm
King Single 106 cm x 203 cm
Double Bed Size 137 cm x 187 cm
Queen Bed Size 153 cm x 203 cm
King Bed Size 183 cm x 203 cm
Super King Hotel Bed 204cm x 204cm

Do I have a guarantee when purchasing a bed? Our beds are manufactured for the Hotel industry by one of Australia's leading brands, Sleepmaker. For details of the guarantee, click here.

The comfort of your bed
At first, your new bed may feel a little different to the mattress you have been sleeping on and sometimes your body will tell you so. Don’t worry, your body will soon adjust to the benefits of your new mattress while your mattress also adjusts to your sleeping style. This may take several weeks.
Your body signature

It is normal for your new mattress to show body impressions as the upholstery layers settle. The plusher or thicker your mattress is, the more comfort layers it will contain. Rotate your mattress every 2 weeks for the first 4 months and every 3 months thereafter, (or turn and rotate if double sided). Use all surfaces of the mattress, to assist in settling the comfort layers evenly. Body impressions are not considered a manufacturing fault and are a normal part of wearing in your mattress.
Warmth while you sleep

Many new mattresses contain luxury features such as Latex, Visco Elastic (Memory foam), Gel, Wool or Silk fibres that help minimise pressure points by allowing the sleeper to sink in to the upper most layers of the mattress. As a result, more of the mattress is in contact with your body which may feel warmer to sleep on. This is less so on firmer mattresses with less comfort layers.
When you purchase your new bed, we recommend you review the warmth of your bed covers (sheets, doona, blankets etc) as they are the main regulator of temperature during sleep. You may require more or less warmth depending on your choice of bed and comfort preference.
Slatted bases

Sleepmaker mattresses are suitable for use on slatted bases. If you are using a slatted base system, the slats should be no more than 8cm apart and of good quality. Slatted bases should also contain a centre support rail with at least one leg to the floor, to avoid ‘roll together’ in the centre of the mattress. A base that is too hard, too soft, is not supportive or restricts air circulation may damage your mattress and void your warranty. A good way to check the support of your slat base is to try your mattress on the floor and see if it feels any different.
Your mattress cover
Gathering or stretching of material is a natural and normal wear characteristic of your mattress that does not affect the performance of the mattress over time. It is recommended that you place a quality washable mattress protector over your mattress to help keep your mattress clean and dry.
 King Size mattresses
If you have bought a King Size Mattress, it is recommended that you try and sleep in the centre of the mattress from time to time to even out the settling of the comfort layers. The centre can feel firmer if it is not slept on and you may get the appearance of a hill in this area. It is a normal characteristic of the design of a King bed and some Queen beds. Persist with using the middle to push the comfort layers down.
Recommended Mattress Care
Single Sided Mattress – rotate every 2-3 weeks until around 3-4 months old, then every 3mths after.
Double sided Mattress: - as per above, only alternate rotate and flip as per this schedule.
Bases: Castors to be checked every 3mths for tightness. Base slats should be checked when turning/rotating mattress

What is thread count?
Thread count refers to the number of threads, both vertical and horizontal, in a one square centimetre of fabric. Thread count is affected by a number of factors, including ply and thickness of the threads used. The ply of the fabric refers to how many threads are wrapped together into a single thread. Single-ply fabrics use threads on their own, while two-ply fabrics twist two pieces together into a stronger thread, as well as doubling the thread count of the fabric.

Using finer threads also allows for more thread to fit in a square centimetre. Finer thread often results in smoother, softer fabrics, part of the reason high thread count fabrics are considered more desirable than fabrics with a low thread count. Finer thread also results in a more fragile fabric, however, which may not always be ideal. Two-ply fabrics help solve this problem somewhat by strengthening the threads and creating a more durable, though heavier, fabric.

For those who like their bed linen ‘crisp', we recommend a slightly lower thread-count, eg; 200 or 250 and for those who enjoy a softer silkier feeling, we recommend either the 400 or 600 thread count.

How do I know which depth to buy for my fitted sheets?
Our sheets are either 33cms or 40cms deep. Measure the depth of your mattress and then allow for the depth of our Hotel Mattress Topper, which is 6cms deep. For mattresses that are deeper, we suggest our ‘custom made' Hotel linen range.

When will I receive my delivery?
As a general rule, please allow about 5 to 10 working days for dispatch of your order. Also, please note that we cannot deliver products to a Post Office Box address. Deliveries can only be made to a home address or a business address. For a full list of estimated delivery times please see our delivery section at the bottom of the website.

International Orders
For orders outside Australia and New Zealand we use Australia Post Express Courier International. We recommend using this Australia Post premier delivery service, the only service that provides online tracking. Please visit their website, http://auspost.com.au/products-and-services/postage-assessment-calculator.html and enter your country, together with the weight of your intended purchase to obtain an estimate of the shipping costs. If you are happy with the cost of shipping and wish to proceed, please contact concierge by email and advise us of the items you wish to purchase.  We will require credit card details or we can provide our banking details should you wish to make direct deposit. As a guideline, listed below are the ‘boxed weights’ of some of our most popular products;
Mattress Toppers 7kg to 10kg
King Duvets 2kg to 5kg
King Pillows 1kg to 2kg
King Flat and Fitted sheet 1.5 kg ea
Pair of King Pillowcases 500gr
King Duvet Cover 2kg

How do I pay? Hotel Luxury Collection is secure through Commonwealth Bank Australia payment gateway and we accept Visa card, Mastercard and American Express Card.

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